I have a number of important titles as a woman–mother, wife, daughter, family member, business owner, community volunteer, all of the things each woman has a possibility of being during a lifetime (and so many more to still pursue.) These passions drove me to explore and gain the expertise I wanted to help women achieve emotional and sexual fulfillment while at Erickson International Academy.

I am fortunate to share in the lives of my four very unique daughters, helping to shape them into the women they want to be, all the while being taught more about myself as they explore our relationships.

I am grateful to be loved and supported by my husband, adopted and biological families, and friends who help me to increase my understanding of the potential of those around me.

My passion is helping women find their true sexual and emotional selves so that confidence and self-awareness continue to positively alter their lives. Exploring the desires that women feel would bring deeper intimacy and realizing this in every relationship they have, is my contribution to the physical and emotional health to all.

I enjoy the sensory stimulation of being in nature and immersing myself in physical activities that challenge my body and mind. I am humbled to be surrounded with love so that I have more to give to all of you.


I help women discover their desires for intimate relationships in their lives and then help them find ways to fulfill those desires.