How Did I Get Here?

Life experiences lead us all on a path to understanding who we can be. These moments are shaped by everyone around us, whether positive or negative. Our self-knowledge is a culmination of experience and acceptance of what others have told us and we choose to believe.

Experiences as a daughter, wife, mother, lover, and friend have shaped my self-beliefs, but unique realizations have reshaped what they mean.

I was adopted as an infant by a loving, caring family. My adopted mother taught me the value of myself by choosing to love me and providing me with opportunities to grow into an adult. I met my birth mother when I was twenty-one and this experience brought the realization that there were parts of me that were her–looks, hand gestures, not to mention an extended family that provided even more insight into how I’ve been shaped and created into myself.


Further life experiences into evolving roles as wife and mother expanded my self-understanding, with a new audience that provided a glimpse on the me they saw. I’ve learned that my uniqueness, just like yours, is how we choose to interpret these snapshots of life. Our acceptance of them is how we allow others to decide what we can be.

My time at Erickson Academy helped to strengthen my thought process and be able to have the vocabulary that identifies with your moments. The techniques I perfected in my education allow me to work with you on achieving that unique you so that you achieve sexual and emotional intimacy that leads to more fulfilling moments.

This realization is an intimate glimpse into a thought process, but as I speak to women about their emotions and help them explore their unique sexuality, it’s a thought process that allows us to have comfortable conversations.  Our conversations are not my opinion that a woman should accept, but a mutual dialogue to find that unique you and choose the version that is real. It’s a discussion to evaluate moments and see how they impact our emotional and sexual growth so that we can choose the unique version we want to be.

Women have the freedom to explore their uniqueness and want more, but we often need a path to travel that is comfortable and tailored to our true nature. Anecdotal information we discuss in confidence with friends or family is often just a piece of what needs to be explored. As women, we hold back for fear of an opinion that will lead us back to accepting what is right now. Your opportunity is to enter into dialogue as the unique you and explore what opinions or moments keep you locked in a version that isn’t fulfilling.