The Ocean

Have you ever been to the ocean? The Pacific or the Atlantic or any other? I have been to both the Pacific and the Atlantic. I grew up near the Pacific Ocean so it holds fond memories for me from childhood to adulthood.

I LOVE the ocean!! As I am driving to my favorite beach on the Pacific Coast of Washington I can smell the ocean as I get closer and closer. When I am within a mile I can see the the sky above the ocean whether it is sunny and blue or cloudy and grey. There is no other sky like the sky the hovers over the ocean. When I am really close but still can’t see it, I roll my window down, I can hear the waves crashing on the beach. As I pull into view of the ocean and begin to drive onto the sandy beach, the immenseness of the ocean overwhelms me. The vastness of this powerful body of water is incredible and the fact that on another of this oceans shore is another woman embracing its energizing power. I park the car and get out, dressed according to the weather conditions. I brought extra clothes and shoes knowing that I will eventually find myself wet from the surf as I venture closer and closer to the water. As I begin to walk toward the water the sound and the power that comes from the crashing surf fills me and pours out of me. I can feel the salt in the air and on my skin and my hair is being saturated with it as it is blown backwards by the wind from the waves. I feel so fulfilled and alive. It’s like I’ve come home to be energized physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Even if the weather is cold, I must take off my shoes and socks and feel the sand under my feet and between my toes. I roll up my pant legs so I can walk in the surf as the waves crash onto the shore. I draw messages in the sand and watch as I leave prints in the sand behind me. I have shared myself with the creation.

I shared this moment in time with you because I wanted you to know how the creation can, if we let it, ground us and energize us and give us the power to carry on despite the trials of our lives. It is an intimate experience….