It’s funny where I can be when an idea of something I want to write comes to my heart. I was laying in the tanning bed (tan fat looks better than white fat) and thinking about the fact that I’m spending time and money on an intention that comes from a lack of love for my body.
I have always looked at my body as a part of me but not me. It is something that I always feel that needs work. I need to eat healthier to prevent sickness and lose weight, I need to do cardio for my heart and weight lifting for my bones and muscles, I need more sleep so my brain works better and I prevent bags under my eyes. And the list goes on and on.
I realized while laying there tanning my skin that my body, inside and out is MINE. Like in the movie NEMO when the seagulls say MINE, MINE, MINE when they want to eat the crab.
Do you have items that are yours that you feel that strong “This is MINE” feeling toward? Those are the things in our life that we have strong emotional attachments to, we protect, care for and sometimes insure it.….car, pet, home, etc.
Are you emotionally attached in a positive way toward your body? Do you care for and feel protective of your body like you do that item?
Or do you look at your body as a nuisance, your nemesis, a job, a requirement?
I invite you to take a moment and meditate on the feelings and thoughts you have for your body.
As women, we look at our body as something we are never pleased with. Or we look at it as an object that needs to look a certain way and we focus on achieving that look.
Do you ever touch your body, feel your skin, your curves, your unique shape? And then embrace all of you and love exactly who you are and the unique vessel that holds you?
This vessel is yours and only yours. It is no one else’s and no one else will take care of it and treasure it as you will. Your body is the treasured vessel that holds your soul, your unique you. Find intimacy with your body.

P.S. My daughter Eleanor Hollibaugh is the artist of the sketch.

Passionately Yours,