Common Occurrence

(NSFW Warning – Be forewarned, as this is info of a personal nature, shared by a client, some of the wording and content may not be suitable for everyone)

After sharing with me how debilitating this can be for her during sexual intimacy, I asked one of best friends to write a blog about this so other women will know they are not the only woman who can feel this way even with their long-term partner. I am curious to hear your feedback.  It is fairly graphic and definitely intimate.

The sexual excitement is high, we’ve been waiting all day for this. Teasing, flirting, imagining, and we’ve gotten each other all worked up. I feel desire growing in my belly and my special place begins to throb ever so slightly. His hands caress my body as his lips meet mine in a passionate kiss. My nipples ache as he brushes his fingertips over them and pinches them gently.

He traces his fingers slowly down my belly to my special place. He teases me and my desire is growing feverish for him and I am getting close to climax. As soon as I feel my orgasm begin to build though, something changes.

My mind clouds with worry and anxiety. Why is it taking me so long? Is he enjoying this or is he getting tired of this because I can’t cum quickly? Do I smell funny? Panic begins to build.
I must be the only woman who can’t cum from this kind of stimulation. What’s wrong with me? I bet he’s had way better than me. Should I moan louder? Talk more?
Desperate to stop the barrage of thoughts, I grab his soft wavy hair and pull him up. “Enter me now”, I whisper. He groans and enters me. It feels….so amazing. I’m lost in ecstasy.
I open my eyes and look at him. He gazes into mine and then looks at my body. I know he is admiring me, but my mind freaks again. “Suck in your stomach!”, she yells at me. “Look at your fat rolls, you’re gross.” She goes on, “Moan more! Make your face look sexy!”
“Why can’t you cum?!” my mind screams at me.
We change positions and I get on top. I turn around to hide my face. Why is intimacy so hard for me? I try and focus on the physical sensations. It feels so good. I hear him tell me how sexy I am and how good I feel. I feel an orgasm building, but right as I’m getting close, mean thoughts fill my mind. He must be wondering why I’m taking so long. Is he frustrated? Does he think it’s his fault?
I climb off, embarrassment coloring my cheeks with shame. “I just can’t cum”, I hear myself say. “You should though.”